We are here to provide you a branded customer experience like no other. Our innovative technology will  bring you the maximum brand exposure you need to increase your online brand presence with instant social sharing and drive engagement with your target audience. 

Branded Screens


We offer powerful branding option such as attract screens, email templates, and text messages that create a memorable branded experience.  

Branded Booths


We can create amazing branded wraps and panels for any of our photo booths, giving you maximum brand exposure. 

Branded Photo Overlays



We have the ability to create branded photo overlays that will include logos, QR Codes, hashtags and custom messages for brand awareness. 

Branded Data Capture


Drive engagement with your target market audience with our Data Capture form creator, allowing you to customize what information you capture from your guests.   Analytics and Marketing Follow Up will let you view # of impressions, reach, and other data showing the reach of your event and Automatically send marketing emails to the guest 1-2 days after event date.